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Camera robot

Spy on your cat with this robot camera. Mount the camera robot and control it with a small joystick. You can run everything from the computer and when you see your cat doing something suspicious, take a picture!

Open box

OpenBox is an open source box that contains open source electronics. Oh, and it automatically opens when you knock on it.

Light chaser

This little vehicle is on an impossible, never ending mission to catch the light. You can make it follow you by pointing a flashlight at it. (The one on your mobile phone eg.) It will always turn towards the light.

Tickle Robot

This is just a regular ticklish robot in a rocking chair. Come to think of it, that doesn’t sound very regular at all. Tickle the robot on its heart and it will start wiggle like crazy.

Line Follower

The Line Follower does exactly what the name suggests, it follows a line. Make it go where ever you want by showing the way with a 3 cm wide, black line.