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Play a simplified version of the classic arcade game, Pong!

In this game, a “pong” will move across five LEDs (VU-meter) and bounce back and forth as players press the button. Players must press the button at the right time in order to return the pong.


En garde! Test your reaction time against an opponent!

In this game, two players will hold tilt switch swords. When the green LED randomly lights up, the first person to swing their sword wins.


He shoots! He scores!

In this game, players will try to land a ping pong ball into a cup. Make five points to win. The score is tracked using a light dependent resistor (LDR).


Ready… Set… Go! Test your reaction time!

In this game, one of three LEDs will randomly light up. You must tap the corresponding capacitive sensor as quick as possible. If you don’t react fast enough, the game is over.


Run as fast as you can . . . with your fingers!

In this game, a player must tap two sensors alternately in order to run laps. One LED will light up per lap. When all laps are completed, LEDs will blink in victory.

Digital Die

Come on lucky number! Use this digital die next time you play a board game.

You “throw” the die by shaking a tilt sensor. The LEDs will cycle through different numbers, slowing down until it finally stops and reveals the number.

Simon Says

Test your memory with this game!

LEDs will blink in a pattern that you have to remember and repeat. If you get it right, the game gets more and more challenging.