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Red snake

In this mini-project, you will learn how to program an object that leaves traces of the mouse movement on the screen. We will go through the coding step by step, adding a feature with each step.

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Catch the apple

In this mini project, you will delve a bit deeper into programming. You will create a small game where our valiant hero, the famous scientist Isaac Newton, tries to get the apple to fall on his head. The aim is for Newton to collect points by getting bumped on the head by as many apples as possible in half a minute. Again, we’ll go step-by-step as we explain.

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Post-it Clock

In this mini-project, you will create a clock where the numbers are represented using photographs made ​​of sticky notes or Post-its. To do this, you will learn how to use images in your programs and store them into arrays. We will go through this step-by-step.

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